WED 27 OCT 2021
The CourettesVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm £10.00
Mush Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm£8.00
AKUI & AmaraHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£9.00
The Orielles directorial debut short 'La Vita Olistica'Mono, Glasgow
Directed by Esme Hand-Halford & Sidonie Hand-Halford8pm£10.00
AirforceIvory Blacks, Glasgow
Medusa Touch plus supportDoors 7pm£8.00
The Fallen StateBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£10.00
BraidsCCA, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pmcancelled
Sick LoveHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pmCANCELLED
Laetitia SadierDoublet Bar, Glasgow
Doors 7pmSOLD OUT
Black MarbleThe Mash House, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm£14.00
Black market karma + the Kundalini Genie13th Note, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£8.00 * postponed*
THU 28 OCT 2021
The Snuts Edinburgh O2 Academy, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm Returns
Michael Grant & The AssassinsBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7pmCancelled
The CourettesMono, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm £10.00
CLUB BEIRUT + Vansleep Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£8.00
MUSHBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£8.00
The Solid BondSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
+ Special Guests Doors 7.30£8.00
Black MarbleStereo.., Glasgow
Doors 7pm£14.00
Rain City (ex-SLAVES (US) Cathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
+ Acres & SiameseDoors 7pm£13.00
FRI 29 OCT 2021
Le Petit OrbSaint Luke's, Glasgow
The WaterboysBarrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£38.50
2manyDJs (Dj Set)SWG3 TV Studio, Glasgow
🎃The Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Scream halloween 🎃 Platform (Argyle St), Glasgow
Screening the Classic Film Plus Compere, Dj & Dancers 👻Doors 6pm£12.00
Hands Off GretelBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£11.00
Garage Halloween Friday - Thriller NightThe Garage (Glasgow), Glasgow
doors 10.30 pm£7.00
Little Sammi Lee Is Tina TurnerThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£12.50
Uproar Scotland Halloween PartyClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
The Lucid DreamStereo.., Glasgow
Doors 7.00 p.m.£10.00
Pygmy TwylyteCHURCH, Dundee
Play the Music of Frank Zappa Doors 7pm£10.00
Shane CoddLiquid Room , Edinburgh
Garden CentreFlying Duck, Glasgow
+ The TubsDoors 7.30pm£7.00
40th Anniversary TourDoors 7pm£20.00
BahookieThe Mash House, Edinburgh
+ Calum Bowie Doors 7pm£12.00
Shane CoddSWG3, Glasgow
Willie Henderson Q&AOswalds Bar, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£10.00
CHIL Leith Dockers Club, Edinburgh
Classic Rock & Pop CoversDoors 7pm£8.50
Black MarbleHunter S Thompson, Dundee
Doors 7pm£14.00
CLUB BEIRUT + Vansleep Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pmSold Out
SAT 30 OCT 2021
The Waterboys Barrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£38.50
SaorLa Belle Angele, Edinburgh
Plus special guests WodeDoors 7pm£16.00
Heidi Talbot & Boo HewerdineWebsters Theatre, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£16.00
THE BLOW MONKEYSLiquid Room , Edinburgh
40th Anniversary TourDoors 7pm£20.00
1994 FAMILY HALLOWEEN FUN DAY RAVEClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
TRICK OR TREAT ?1pm - 5pm£10.00
Daft Punk TributePlatform (Argyle St), Glasgow
all the Daft Punk classics played live by top tribute actDoors 8.00pm.£15.00 (Early Bird) £18.00
Hardstyle Superheroes ft. Headhunterz O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Doors 20.00£30.00
ELECTRIC 80SThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 6:30pm£12.50
Le Petit Orb Summerhall, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pmCancelled
Hands Off GretelNice N Sleazy, Glasgow
+ Puppy Fat & Visceral Noise Department Doors 19:30£10.00
Jon GommOran Mor, Glasgow
7.00 p.m.£17.50
Doghouse RosesGlad Cafe, Shawlands
plus special guests Joseph Parsons with Ross Bellenoit7.30 pm£10.00
The AtarisBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7pmcancelled
SAT 30 OCT 2021 - FRI 8 OCT 2021
Garage Halloween Saturday - ApocalypseThe Garage (Glasgow), Glasgow
doors 10 pm£9.00
SAT 30 OCT 2021
You Oughta Know Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pmCANCELLED
SUN 31 OCT 2021
The Great Western WarmupHug & Pint, Glasgow
7.00 pm£12.50
Pi'erre BourneSaint Luke's, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£17.50
Pathway To Paris Concert Theatre Royal, Glasgow
Start 7.30pm£25/£30
The Great Western WarmupHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£12.50
Lau - Unplugged The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm /Start 8pm£19/£22
Mairearad Green & Anna MassieGlad Cafe, Shawlands
Doors 7.30pm£14.00
SUN 31 OCT 2021 - FRI 8 OCT 2021
Garage Halloween Sunday - Dead Will RiseThe Garage (Glasgow), Glasgow
doors 10 pm£9.00
MON 1 NOV 2021
Bullet For My ValentineEdinburgh O2 Academy, Edinburgh
Tesseract & Bleed from WithinDoors 7pm£33.25
MON 1 NOV 2021 - SUN 28 NOV 2021
Barrowland Festival ticket Barrowland, Glasgow
all 4 nightsDoors 7pm£85.00
MON 1 NOV 2021
Black PumasThe Garage (Glasgow), Glasgow
Doors 7.30pmSold Out
THE WYTCHES Stereo.., Glasgow
Doors 7pm£13.50
HanyaHug & Pint, Glasgow
7.30 p.m.£7.00
Barrowland Sea Shanty Challenge Barrowland, Glasgow
with Kimber's Men and FootDoors 7pm£25.00
OMDO2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
+ Support from Stealing SheepDoors 7pm £40.75
TUE 2 NOV 2021
Tanya TuckerGlasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
Plus special guests Doors 7:00pmCANCELLED
WarmduscherQueen Margaret Union.., Glasgow
m(h)aol Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£7.00
Avalanche PartyBroadcast, Glasgow
support Aluminium Hands, Drop The BabyDoors 7.00pm£8.00
OMDUsher Hall, Edinburgh
Support from Stealing SheepDoors 7pm £40.00
Haiku SalutBlue Arrow Club, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£13.00
+ Witch TripperDoors 7pm£12.50
Holding Absence G2 (The Garage), Glasgow
plus special guests 7.00 pm£14.00
WED 3 NOV 2021
Odd MorrisHug & Pint, Glasgow
7.30 pm£8.00
Mykki BlancoStereo.., Glasgow
7.00 pm£14.50
WED 3 NOV 2021 - TUE 3 NOV 2020
KendamaHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£8.00
WED 3 NOV 2021
SuedeUsher Hall, Edinburgh
Doors 7pmReturns may become available
THU 4 NOV 2021
NihiloxicaStereo.., Glasgow
+ support Doors 11pm£8.00
Barrowland Big Live Ceilidh Mash UpBarrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£25.00
False HeadsHug & Pint, Glasgow
7.00 p.m.£8.00
Wednesday 13Cathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
Sumo Cyco & Sick and BeautifulDoors 7pm£20.00 *Tb Rescheduled *
Lioness ( AKA The Amy Winehouse Experience )ROOM 2 , Glasgow
Doors 8pm£15.00
Otis Gibbs Glad Cafe, Shawlands
+ support Doors 7.30pm£14.00
MunroThe Garage (Attic Bar), Glasgow
plus supportDoors 7pm£8.00
Nick Shoulders Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
GRENDELAudio, Glasgow
Special guests KURODoors 7:00pm£15.00
FRI 5 NOV 2021
Small Fakers & Who's Who LiveThe Bongo Club, Edinburgh
Drs 6.30pm £18.00
Patrick Topping Barrowland, Glasgow
doors 6 pm£32.50
Blackmore's BloodIvory Blacks, Glasgow
Deep Purple/Rainbow TributeDoors 7:30pm£10.00
Lioness ( AKA The Amy Winehouse Experience )Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Doors 8pm£15.00
A Love from Outer SpaceThe Mash House, Edinburgh
Sean Johnston + NSADoors 10.30pmSold Out
MactallicaBeat Generator Live, Dundee
Doors 7.30pmCancelled
Therapy? 30th AnniversaryThe Garage (Glasgow), Glasgow
Doors 19.00£23.00
Kingdom of MadnessHard Rock Cafe, Glasgow
feat Ex Magnum members Mark Stanway and Mickey BarkerDoors 7:00pm£22.00
Rev MagneticNice N Sleazy, Glasgow
With Special Guest Duncan MarquissDoors 8pm£12.00
TEMPESSTBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£8.00
Ashley HenryDrygate, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£15.00
Bleak Soul & TigressClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
plus TigressDoors 7pm£8.00
SAT 6 NOV 2021
Ferocious DogLa Belle Angele, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm £17.50
Public Service Broadcasting - The Bright Magic Tour 2021 Aberdeen Music Hall, Aberdeen
Doors 7pm£29.00
Black Cat BoneVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Plus SupportDoors 7.30pm£10.00
ANY MINUTE NOW featuring SHREDD, The Bleeders, Fiendz YT, Lo RaysHug & Pint, Glasgow
with Faerie Liquid and more4.00 pm£10.00
Admiral FallowSummerhall, Edinburgh
+ Broken Chanter 19.00£18.50
Tom McGuire & The BrassholesDrygate, Glasgow
Doors 19:00£15.00
SAHBROCK 13Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
4 BAND BILLDoors 6pm£15.00
Tunes from the Big tent - A night for RefuweegeeThe Big Tent at Malin Engineering
Rab Noakes, Carol Laula, Yvonne LyonDoors 7.00pm£15.00 *postponed *
Anti Nowhere LeagueBeat Generator Live, Dundee
Doors 8pm£12.00
Blackmore's Blood Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Self EsteemThe Bongo Club, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm£15.00
Small Fakers & Who's Who LiveClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 6.30pm £18.00
SUN 7 NOV 2021
The SouthThe Old Dr Bells Baths, Edinburgh
Doors 8pm Start 8.15£25.00
Bodyheat with Honey DijonSWG3, Glasgow
Public Service Broadcasting - The Bright Magic Tour 2021 Barrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£29.00
MogwaiGlasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
Plus special guestsDoors 7.00pmSOLD OUT
Self EsteemAudio, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£15.00
JOEP BEVINGOran Mor Auditorium, Glasgow
Solo Piano TourDoors 7pmcancelled
Ben Ottewell (Gomez)The Old Dr Bells Baths, Edinburgh
Doors 4pm Start 4.30£15.00
Anti-Nowhere LeagueIvory Blacks, Glasgow
plus Cuttin' EdgeDoors 7:00pm£12.00
Soccer Six presents The Game of HistoryHamilton Academical Football Club, Hamilton
Doors 5.30pmVarious
Bobby Gillespie & Jehnny BethThe Queen's Hall, Edinburgh
Utopian Ashes TourDoors 6.30pmCancelled
MON 8 NOV 2021
INDYA Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£9.00
Oh SeesLiquid Room , Edinburgh
Doors 7pm £25.00
Yussef DayesSaint Luke's, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£20
Too Many ZoozDrygate, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£18.00
Glass AnimalsBarrowland, Glasgow
+ GuestsDoors 7pm£22.50
Video Nasties & Aggressive Perfector Classic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£10.00
An Evening with The Average White BandGlasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
'Person to Person Tour - Playing the Average White Band Album in its Entirety and Much More'Doors 7.00pm£27.50
Du BlondeBroadcast, Glasgow
TUE 9 NOV 2021
Yussef DayesSummerhall, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm£20
Phil Campbell & The Bastard SonsG2 (The Garage), Glasgow
7pm £20.00
Madeline PeyrouxUsher Hall, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm £Various
Bob ReynoldsDrygate, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£17.50
IndyaIvory Blacks, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£9.00
WED 10 NOV 2021
Hayseed Dixie Liquid Room , Edinburgh
Doors 7pm18.50
Lee Scratch Perry Summerhall, Edinburgh
Higher PowerStereo.., Glasgow
plus Static DressDoors 7pm£12.00
Average White Band Usher Hall, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm£28.50
Chris Holmes Mean Men Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 6.30pm£20.00
The NightingalesHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£12.00
Wayward SonsCathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£10.00
Soft CellO2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£60.00
Lee Rocker (of The Stray Cats)venue still tb confirmed
+ support From The Deadshots & Ignition7pm - 11pm£39.50
Ishmael Ensemble Broadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£10.00
THU 11 NOV 2021
Martha TilstonHug & Pint, Glasgow
The NightingalesThe Caves , Edinburgh
Plus SupportDoors 19.30£12.00
Millie Manders and the ShutupBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£10.00
JARV IS ...Barrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7pm £27.50
Jake IsaacHug & Pint, Glasgow
Hayseed DixieSaint Luke's, Glasgow
plus special guestsDoors 7.00pm£18.50
Gama BombClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
+ supportDoors 7.00pm£12.50
FRI 12 NOV 2021
Impericon Never Say Die! Tour 2021The Garage (Glasgow), Glasgow
Polaris, Emmure, Currents, Spite, Invent Animate, Gravemind & StepsonDoors 4.30pmcancelled
SpaceBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
7.30pm £18.00
Oasis Tribute-Stop The ClocksBeat Generator Live, Dundee
Doors 8pm£9.00
Flats and Sharps Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Findlay Napier & Megan Henwood Glad Cafe, Shawlands
Doors 7.30pm Showtim£15.00
Buffet LunchFlying Duck, Glasgow
+ support Doors 7pm£7.00
Lee Scratch PerryClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 7:30pmCancelled
I Met This Pretty Rave GrrlAudio, Glasgow
Doors 9pm£10/£7
NievesSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm£10.00
The Fleetwood Mac DiscoPlatform (Argyle St), Glasgow
7:30pm till 11:30pmSOLD OUT
Pillow Queens Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
7.30pm £10.00
Jim Bob (Carter USM)Summerhall, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm £17.50
SAT 13 NOV 2021
GBX Liquid Room , Edinburgh
Doors 10.30pm£25.00
Starved & The Human VeilOld Hairdressers, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£7.00
Seasick SteveUsher Hall, Edinburgh
' Blues in Mono ' support Kitty MacfarlaneDoors 7pm £40.00
The Fleetwood Mac DiscoPlatform (Argyle St), Glasgow
7:30pm till 11:30pm£18.00
Corky Laing plays MountainBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pmCancelled
Hellbent Forever JUDAS PRIEST TRIBUTEIvory Blacks, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£9.00
The Men They Couldn't Hang Oran Mor, Glasgow
Dressed to Kill - KISS tributeCathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
and Electric Circus - Wasp tributeDoors 7pm£15.00
Oswalds UK tourLiverpool
Derry Club Liverpool 9.30am£40.00
Stag & Dagger Glasgow 2021Various Venues, Glasgow
Scotland's Original Multi-Venue FestivalDoors 2pm£30.00
65daysofstaticSummerhall, Edinburgh
The Great Western 2021Multiple Venues, Glasgow
Wolfgang Flur (Ex-Kraftwerk)Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
Hue And CryLiquid Room , Edinburgh
Special Guest: Roseanne ReidDoors 7pm £27.50
Ben CaplanGlad Cafe, Shawlands
plus supportDoors 7.30pm£15.00
Soundwave winterfestEagle Inn, Coatbridge
The Jesus And Mary ChainStereo.., Glasgow
No SupportDoors 7pmSold Out / Returns may become available
MacBlondieThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm £12.50
Mountain High: Stevie Wonder at 70Drygate, Glasgow
NievesClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£10.00
SUN 14 NOV 2021
FishO2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
7.00pm £32.50
Wolfgang Flur La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
( Ex-Kraftwerk)Doors 7pm £20.00
The Jesus And Mary ChainBarrowland, Glasgow
Play DarklandsDoors 7pmSold Out / Returns may become available
Gaye Bikers On AcidBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£18.00
The Undercover HippyROOM 2 , Glasgow
7.00 pm£12.00
Sleep Token SWG3, Glasgow
plus A.A. WilliamsDoors 7pm£17.50
The Bug ClubFlying Duck, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£7.50
Stag & Dagger Edinburgh 2021Various Venues Edinburgh
SORRYHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7pmsold out
ConanAudio, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£13.00
The Big Sexy Disco Brunch Platform (Argyle St), Glasgow