Robert Vincent




Robert Vincent is one of the most acclaimed new voices on the Americana music scene. Born in Crosby Liverpool, his upbringing inculcated him with a very Merseyside culture of storytelling and language. A key influence would be the American country records that his father would play around the house such as Waylon Jennings and Emmylou Harris. He received an early education in Pink Floyd thanks to his older brothers that he shared a bedroom with. This eclectic mix of musical influence remains palpable in the music of Vincent to this day.

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Hug & Pint

171 Great Western Road
United Kingdom
G4 9AH

Venue Details

The Hug and Pint presents....

WED 29 SEP 2021
Burd Ellen
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7pm£7.00
FRI 1 OCT 2021
Robert Vincent
Hug & Pint, Glasgow19.00£10.00
SAT 2 OCT 2021
William The Conqueror
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£11.00
SUN 3 OCT 2021
Annie Dressner
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.00pmCANCELLED
TUE 5 OCT 2021
Besnard Lakes
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7:30pm£15.00
WED 6 OCT 2021
Chloe Foy
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£8.00
THU 7 OCT 2021
Anna B Savage
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£8.00
SAT 9 OCT 2021
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£10.00
MON 11 OCT 2021
Hug & Pint, Glasgow7.00 p.m.£10.00
TUE 12 OCT 2021
Julia Bardo
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7pm£8.50
WED 13 OCT 2021
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7pm£8.00
FRI 15 OCT 2021
Katherine Aly
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7pm£7.00
SAT 16 OCT 2021
ANY MINUTE NOW featuring Meursault, Hailey Beavis, Faith Elliot,
with Djana Gabrielle, Hank Tree and more
Hug & Pint, Glasgow4.00 pm£10.00
SUN 17 OCT 2021
Cherym and cheerbleederz
Hug & Pint, Glasgow7.00 p.m.£7.50
MON 18 OCT 2021
Linea Aspera
Hug & Pint, Glasgow7.00 p.m.£13.00
WED 20 OCT 2021
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£8.00
SAT 23 OCT 2021 - THU 23 SEP 2021
JW Francis
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7pm£8.00
MON 25 OCT 2021
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£8.00
WED 27 OCT 2021
Sick Love
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£8.00
SAT 30 OCT 2021
You Oughta Know
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£12.50
TUE 2 NOV 2021
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7pm£7.00
THU 4 NOV 2021
False Heads
Hug & Pint, Glasgow7.00 p.m.£8.00
SAT 6 NOV 2021
ANY MINUTE NOW featuring SHREDD, The Bleeders, Fiendz YT, Lo Rays
with Faerie Liquid and more
Hug & Pint, Glasgow4.00 pm£10.00
WED 10 NOV 2021
The Nightingales
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£12.00
THU 11 NOV 2021
Jake Isaac
Hug & Pint, Glasgow7.30pmCANCELLED
SUN 14 NOV 2021
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7pm£13.00
TUE 16 NOV 2021
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7pm£8.00
SUN 21 NOV 2021
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7pm£7.50
MON 22 NOV 2021
Jenny Sturgeon - The Living Mountain
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£13.50
TUE 23 NOV 2021
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£15.00
WED 24 NOV 2021
Freya Beer
Hug & Pint, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£7.00