Women Of Rock Unity Tour:

Edge of Paradise + Hellz Abyss + Alia Tempora + Control The Storm


Doors 7pm

Event over 18 Only

A unbelievable quadruple headliner featuring the musical styling of;

Edge of Paradise

An American rock/heavy metal band formed in sunny LA, California. Edge Of Paradise was formed by Margarita Monet and Dave Bates in 2011. Few months after formation, the band released their debut album ‘Mask’ that featured rhythm section of bassist Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, The Firm) and drummer Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth Band). ‘Mask’ came at #6 most added on national CMJ radio, right behind Machine Head and solidified existence of Edge Of Paradise. An album chockfull of industrial-tinged metal coupled with soaring vocal hooks, was greatly received by critics and fans worldwide.

Legendary Rock Interviews stated “Once in a while a new band comes along that not only has a unique sound of its’ own but draws upon all the things we love about metal or rock to begin with. Edge of Paradise are one of the best independent bands to come out of L.A. in some time.” With a solid line up Margarita Monet-Vocals, Dave Bates-guitars, David Ruiz – guitars, Vanya Kapetanovic-bass, Jimmy Lee -drums the band is looking forward to jumping into the future, full speed ahead!

Control the Storm

Powerful and melodic Metal from the UK.

An explosive stage show, catchy songs and multi-layered orchestral arrangements have made Control the Storm one of the most well-known names on the UK Metal scene.
Originally forming in 2010, Control the Storm released their first EP in 2011 followed by a full length album “Beast Inside” in 2015.
A couple of years later, the band experienced a rebirth with the addition of new frontwoman, Firouzeh. Emerging with a more mature and developed sound, they went on to record their 2019 album “Forevermore”. Forevermore is an optimistic and uplifting record full of enticing vocal harmonies, complex orchestration and powerful guitar riffs – a fitting testament to the newly rejuvenated band. 2021 promises new music from Control the Storm, beginning with the release of a newly recorded single and video “Desire” on January the 8th.


We all know this Queen can sing but are you ready for four times the Hellz? Lisa Perry has unleashed every piece of her talent to bring the world her new single We want rock! The new music video released on the 10TH of October 2020, will make audiences think they are seeing quadruple! Hellz herself has stepped up and taken on the mammoth task of solely writing and producing the catchy rock single. Hellz never goes small and she has not let her audiences down.

Alia Tempora

Alia Tempora is a female-fronted modern metal band from the Czech Republic. Their sound can be discribed as a combination of anthemic synths, crunching metal guitars and emotional vocals and the band is often likened to Amaranthe, Delain, or Lacuna Coil. Among its greatest concert achievements are the Made of Metal festival or supporting the bands like XANDRIA (GER, SERENITY (AT) or JADED STAR (GR) on Female Voices Fest in Germany.

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Bannermans Bar

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Edge of Paradise + Hellz Abyss + Alia Tempora + Control The Storm
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